The RV

In the USA is the term RV, short for recreation vehicle, common but in Europe these sort of vehicles are  known as camper. Last year we rented one, not knowing that soon we would start to make one to our home. Two of our children,then 3 and 4 years old, are mainly Dutch speaking. They had their difficulty with the term RV and surely with that long word recreation vehicle, so they invented their own name for it: Truckhuis. The English word truck together with the Dutch word for house: huis. The word stayed in our family and is now the name of our blog.

But back to the RV itself. The offer of second hand RV’s in the internet is shear overwhelming. After visiting tenths of sides we came quickly to the conclusion that just buying of the internet without seeing the vehicle was not an option. Traveling to see the more interesting vehicles was neither an option, because we are living in Aruba and traveling to the USA is costly.

Therefore we decided to buy at Cruise America. Mainly because next to a reasonable price they offer a year warranty and an easy way of purchasing. We decided on a 28 feet (8,5 meter) Thor Majestic for seven persons. Lets hope it will give us a good home in the next two years, without to much trouble.