The beginning

It started years ago when I purchased a travel story. The story of a family traveling along the Pan-American Highway in a RV. Their journey took them from San Francisco through Central and a large part of South America. They ended their journey in the southern parts of Argentina. After reading this story a dream was borne. At that time it seemed unattainable, but still it never left me.

Now years later I got the opportunity to take a sabbatical of two years, quite unexpected I must say. We, my wife, our 3 kids and I, sold our house, a lot of our other belongings, stored the rest and made a down payment on a RV. The tickets from Aruba to Miami are bought and payed for, so now their is no way back.

Our journey will hopefully bring us from Aruba to the USA, Canada, Central America (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and maybe Belize) and South America (Colombia, Ecuador and maybe further on).