10 April: Arboletes

Just outside Cispata lays the Volcan de lodo El Tesoro, or in English the Mud volcano. A mud volcano is a volcanic cone of low or no height formed by a crater. The cone is filled with mud, which as is been said has a healing effect. The origin is not related to the true volcanic formations, but are due to gas emanations related to oil fields.
However it is fun to wallow in the mud, which is followed by an extensive shower afterwards.

We continued our route. Every city, town, village or hamlet has one thing in common up until now, the incredible amount of motor-cycles, used as taxi. Driving through they are every where. In front, at the sides and in the back. We learned very quickly just to ignore them and drive as we like, otherwise we will be stuck in no time because when you break you loose and get nowhere.

We made the mistake not follow the 90, but take the 74. More direct as we thought. The road was more direct but after a while it turned into 40 kilometer (25 miles) unpaved road. This took us almost 4 hours, so when we turned on the 90 again it was almost dark. The extra headlights came in handy.
After 100 meters on the paved road we were stopped by the police. Drivers licence, passport and insurance were checked. Then the officer started to explain that the Truckhuis should have two tags one in front and one in the back. It has only one, in the back. It came in handy that we don’t speak any Spanish. He gave up and we were able to continue our journey.

We decided to take the next possible overnight spot in iOverlander. A parking lot in Arboletes. A beach town, surprisingly touristic, with a fully lit beach at night.
The parking lot was right at the beach, but very small. The Truckhuis filled it up completely. Maneuvering in, in the dark, we didn’t see a low hanging branch and ripped of the hood of the toilet vent.

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