06-08 April: Campestre

We changed to the campground Vida Campestre, about 10 minutes driving away from our old one. After reading the comments in iOverlander we thought the electrical hookup would be strong enough to run our air-conditioning.

The campground is situated at the rim of a small valley with a magnificent view on Cartagena, especially at night with all the lights.
It is part of a little farm, a so called Finca. A really nice place, something we would like to have. A few cows, a pig, some chickens and ducks, a small herd of goats and a donkey. All the different parts are divided with green hedges.
In the morning the kids helped to feet the life stock with banana plants.
But the electricity was not strong enough to run our AC and with only our fan it was just to warm at night.

Our fridge is still not working well. We checked the canal at the back and tried to help the air flow with our hairdryer. All to no result. At the end we bought a bag with ice, but it didn’t help either in the long run. We hope it is just the heat and when cooling down, it will work proper again.

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