7 March: Valladolid

A short drive today. An hour and a half from Chichen Itza to Valladolid.
Yucatan’s third largest city, but with the vibe of a big village. The center is quit small, a few blocks around the main plaza, here called Parque.
On which tonight was a performance of a dance group. Showing traditional Mayan dances.

Valladolid is more known about the Cenotes in and around the city. The most famous are the Cenote X’Keken y Samula. Two cenotes, deep sinkholes filled with water, next to each other and swimmable.
We visited X’Keken, a cenote in a cave. A massive limestone formation with stalactites hanging from the ceiling. The pool is artificially lit and with very swimmable, cool and clear water with black catfish in it.
The little park around it is nicely made, but like almost everything in Mexico, it needs cleaning and maintenance.

In Valladolid we had planned to stay at the local campground. That some people dare to call them selves a campground.
We left and found a spot on a free parking lot in the center, a block from the main plaza.
Shortly after we settled in another RV parked next to us. Brazilians driving from Brazil over Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and shipping from Cartagena to Veracruz. On their way to the US, Canada and Alaska. We exchanged a lot of useful information for both parties.