5+6 March: Chichen Itza

Uneventful 2 hour drive from Merida to Piste. A small town next to Chichen Itza.
We parked our Truckhuis in front of the Pyramid Inn and connected the electricity. The rest of the day we looked at the traffic passing by on the mex 180. It is striking that after the twilight only empty trucks are on the road.
The Pyramid Inn is a bit dilapidated, almost like all the smaller businesses in Mexico. It was once, 20 years ago, for sure a nice place to stay. If you ever stay be sure to check out the wall paintings at the “second” entrance. It is at walking distance (20 minutes) from Chichen Itza.

At night it rained plenty. The first time rain since we entered Mexico. The next day it was cloudy, ideal to visit Chichen Itza.
Chichen Itza everybody knows from some sort of picture. The most famous and best restored of the Yucatan Maya sites. One of the new seven wonders of the world. While tremendously overcrowded – every gawker and his or her grandmother is visiting it – it is still very impressive.

We tried to avoid the heat, humidity and crowds by being early, but with us that was the thought of many. The first buses had already arrived and the line before the entrance was already long.
We wanted to pay the fee with a credit card. Nothing out of the ordinary, but here yes. We had to pay at two different windows and got two different tickets. The entrance fee is composed of two parts. One for the site and one part for the state. So the payment from our credit card had to go on two different accounts. Okay!

Inside the paths are lined with craft sellers, who, from time to time, can be very irritating . All day saying “no gracias” gives a tired and dry mouth anyway.
Walking around we heard tongues from all over the world. Every gawker and their grandmother(s) were here, including us but without grandmother.

To describe this magnificent place without getting into platitudes is hardly possible, so we let our pictures speak for them selves. Natacha took more than 200, so to find a few was not be a problem. To choose which one’s to put in the post was.
Knowing that this all is build by people, who did not have any domesticated animals to help nor metal/iron tools, makes it only more impressive.

This morning we had thought the line before the entrance was long but now while leaving the site in the early afternoon we saw that the line was three times as long. At the amount of buses had grown from maybe five in the morning to fifty now.
Even the site is quit big, these crowds can fill it up easily. Happy we got up early today.

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