13 February: PEMEX

Our goal for the day was Oaxaca (pronounced: wah-hah-kah). An ancient city in the heart of Mexico. A drive of seven to eight hours, when lucky.

We drove early over the mex 180 south. We had got the advice to take the most south, the mex 190, of the three possible routes from Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca. The most flat and less curvy one, easier to drive with our Truckhuis is was said.

We left the Pacific Ocean behind and entered the less touristic but no less beautiful in terms of scenery. No sandy beaches, but mountains with cacti instead of pine trees.

Our new family member had to to the restroom, so we stopped at the side of the road. Just in front of a little restaurant. The cook was making fresh corn tortillas. We asked to try one, delicious, quit different from the one we bought at the tortilleria. Very friendly people, who were happy to show us around.

The farther inland we came to more blue agave fields we encountered. Small patches left and right of the road. We had entered Mezcal country. The part of Mexico, the state of Oaxaca, were the mezcal is distilled.
The distilling is still a small scale business, witness the many small, often family, distilleries.

While it was getting dark we decided to stay the night at a PEMEX gas station, about 30 kilometers before Oaxaca. A 24 hours station with a very nice security guard, who would keep an eye on us during the night. The first time we stayed outside a campground in Mexico.