08+09 February: Acapulco

Acapulco! Again one of these magical words/places of my childhood. Even for the girls, who are hardly on this world, it has significants. While visiting Graceland in Memphis, they watched the movie Fun in Acapulco with Elvis Presley.

We wanted to take a collectivo, sort of taxi, to the cliffs of La Quebrada. We stopped and asked several for the price. It started with 450 pesos, in the end we drove for 120 pesos.
At the Quebrada we watched the cliff divers jump from 25 meters into the sea. Quit a spectacle and not very different from what you can see in the movie.

From the Quebrada we walked over to the Exekatle Kalli. The famous mosaic mural made by Diego Rivera at the entrance walls of a mansion. Just a 20 minutes walk, but in the Acapulco midday heat with no wind not a nice Sunday afternoon walk. Acapulco is hot, blazing hot even now in the wintertime. Not a place to be for us.
Once this was one of the rich neighborhoods, now everything looks run down. The historical center does not look better. While driving through, we wondered if it was save to walk through. Surely at night we would not recommend doing. It is not a tourist attraction, like in Vallarta.

We visited the Papagayo Park. Advertised as a family destination, with a big playground, some attractions like a tub lake, a little zoo and a pool. Here also everything made a desolated and run down impression.

Next day we took again a collectivo down town, to the fort and museum San Diego. This time we payed 90 pesos.
The Fort is restored and maintained really good. The museum has a very nice collection. Mostly about Acapulco through the ages. Acapulco was founded long before the Spaniards invaded South America, but the Spaniards used its harbor as the last save stop before crossing the Pacific Ocean to the Philippines on their way to China.
Here we discovered that we are not the first Dutch people to visit Acapulco in an RV. Almost 140 years ago King Willem II of the Netherlands visited Mexico with this:

Acapulco and surroundings made on us a poor and run down impression and partly for sure not safe. This is not the tourist destination it once was.