07 February: Pie de la Cuestra

We left early so we would have time to spare for our visit to the museum and archaeological site of Xihuacan.
Our dog has settled in our family and in our way of live. Still he feels a bit awkward while driving. A house that moves and shakes is of course strange to a dog. But he found his place while we drive, on my shoulder.

The museum of Xihuacan is small but interesting. Everybody, who visits, gets his own personal guide. In our case the discoverer of the archaeological site and founder of the museum. A lot of the displayed artifacts were found by him.

The archaeological site is a few minutes down the road. At the moment are only the ball cord and a part of one of the pyramids visible. The rest of the several hectares big site is still hidden under a meter of soil and vegetation. This due to lack of funds.

The guide took us a bit further down the road to the little hamlet of Xihuacan, to his home to see his private collection.
At the beginning of the hamlet, on the baseball court, we witnessed a ancient cleansing ritual and a fire dance.
In the hamlet it took some steerage to get the Truckhuis in, parked and later out again. The streets were a bit small and not really build for a 30 foot RV.
We had a great morning and all for free, but a donation was appreciated. It was a bit amazing to hear that the museum and site were financed by the local community, without any help of local or central government.

We dropped our guide of at the museum and continued our route towards Acapulco. The road went through a lot and huge coconut palm plantations. From our guide we had learned that from the nut nothing is wasted. Coconut milk, oil, pressed fiber in doors and the left over, hardly any, as fuel.
After an hour driving the road was blocked by angry villagers. They were sick of the ongoing corruption. They were already blocking the road for five hours, so we were lucky to be held up only for an hour and a half.
We ended our trip for that day at the campground at Pie de la Cuestra. About 10 kilometers north of Acapulco, from where it is easy to take the bus to Acapulco center.