06 February: Zihuatanejo

We left HuaHua early, so we reached Zihuatanejo early. Once a small fishers village, now a busy tourist town, but still with a small town atmosphere.
It took us a while to reach our campground, because our GPS thought it necessary to direct us through the middle of town, with small streets, a lot of traffic and parked cars at both sides. A sweaty delight to drive the Truckhuis through, or maybe it was just the heat outside.

While traveling we learned some things about the Mexican kitchen, especially about peppers. What ever you do with them do not cut them, just cook them in your dish and take them out before serving.
Every meal is accompanied by several salsas (sauces). The more red the salsa is the less hot it is, but watch it if a Mexican tells you the salsa is not hot it could be still very hot to our taste. It only means the salsa is not hot as hell. The green salsa is always sweet tasting.
We tried Nopales (Prickly Pear cactus), cut small with fried eggs. In the beginning it tastes like paprika, but the after taste is quit different. It is said it makes your metabolism faster, so it helps you lose weight.

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