03+04 February: Melaque

We left Vallarta early, but not before gassing up. We do that every day, even when not necessary. At the moment there is a shortage of gas. This as a result of the battle of the government against the organised theft of gas by the cartels.
Mexico has a network of pipelines from there refineries at the coast to distribution points in the country. These pipelines are tapped on and almost two third of the gas is stolen. The new president has ordered the army to patrol the pipelines and ordered 650 new trucks to transport the gas. In order to close the pipelines temporarily. Now the cartels started to hijack the trucks. So from time to time a gas station is out of gas.

The road, the Mex 200, to the south meanders for the first 50 kilometers along the coast and through the coastal mountains. Ideal for riding a motorcycle.
Afterwards it runs more inland and gets wider with long straight stretches through mango, papaya, banana or coco plantations.

We stopped for the night in Melaque at the bay of San Patricio. A small campground at the beach in the middle of the town.

We all had the flu, so we decided to stay a day longer at the campground and his beautiful beach. This to the delight of the girls.

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