27-31 January: Carpentry

Our fridge was fixed, so we could have traveled on, but we got the opportunity to get some long wished carpentry work done.
We could borrow the machines from our neighbor and he also knew where to get the needed planks.

In the days we stayed at Rancho SantaRosa we had been adopted by the ranch dogs. All day the three of them were laying somewhere around our site. One of them, a little white one, started to sleep in front of our door. We thought he belonged to the owner of the Ranch like the other dogs, but this was not the case. He had come a few months before and just had stayed.

The dog, the kids named him Fluffy, due to his long white coat, was very dirty and full of flees. We decided to give him a shower. His coat was so matted we could not get him really clean. We tried to cut his hair with a clipper. That did not seem possible, to matted, so we did it with a scissor. The poor dog looked awful, but the kids were delighted.

After some consideration we decided to make the dog an official family member. To travel with him we needed him vaccinated and provided with the proper papers.
We borrowed the pick up from one of the neighbors and went to the local veterinarian, to get the dog vaccinated. When they saw him they decided not only to vaccinate him but also to bath him. A few hours later we picked up a total different dog. Clean and trimmed. That last was not a big deal they just sheared his coat very short.
So now our Truckhuis offers space to us, 5 people and Raskal, our dog.

Next day our neighbor brought the machinery and with the pick up from another neighbor we went to buy some planks.

It took us two days to get our carpentry work done. We made a wooden construction under in all beds. The mattresses are now aired from below. We hope the problem of condensation in cold weather underneath is solved.

2 thoughts on “27-31 January: Carpentry

  1. I am so glad that you decided to keep the dog as a family member! I haven’t had time to read your posts lately, so I’m catching up now!

    1. Hi Corey,

      Sorry for the late reaction.
      It is nice to hear your still with us on our journey.
      After almost a year


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