17-26 January: Waiting

Finally our refrigerator part arrived late yesterday. It looked the same as the old part, we hoped it would be the only broken part.
This morning first light we installed it. 10 Minutes work and….. the fridge worked like it should. What a relieve. Imagine it would have been the wrong part or not the only broken part. Again a week waiting, but it worked out alright.
By the way we payed more for import duties and freight than the part did cost.

What did we do in this week, most of the time nothing. Enjoying the quiet country side. Seeing some long forgotten scenes or what we only seen in movies or TV. Men riding by on horses with big sombreros on their heads and leather shapes, driving cows ahead.
A whole family, father, mother and three kids on a small motorcycle. Seven kids on a Quad (ATV) or it were eight?
A truck full of watermelons and a truck full of people.

A visit to a dentist, who clearly was not used to a patient telling her what we wanted to have done. Just two fillings and no croon, no root canal treatment and for sure no extraction. So I ended up with one big filling and one wisdom molar with still a hole in it.
Several visits to the chiropractor. Resulting in straight spine again, but still with muscle strain.

We paid a visit to an Internist and had ourselves checked out. Result: I am not more sick than before and Natacha has anemia, which caused her dizziness attacks.

The neighbor welded the generator muffler, we got in El Centro, in the exhaust pipe. Now the generator runs less noisy. This after searching for a U-clamp with the fitting diameter for half a day. In the end we made one our selves of some scrapes.

The nearby village is celebrating their annual fiesta of the Virgen de Tintoque. A nine day festival, mostly starting after sunset. The central plaza has a big podium for performances. There is some fireworks, mostly loud bangs. The surrounding streets are filled with market stalls, where anything and everything is for sale. From food, clothes, bijouterie, make up to sweet.
One of the streets is reserved for the fair, with a real Ferris wheel.

We borrowed a quad from the owner to go into town.
We had a complete breakfast (eggs, potatoes, frijoles and tortillas) with coffee, refill and fresh fruit as entree for 115 pesos, which is about 6 dollar US.
We ate taco’s in the street and tried tamales. At a street vendor who starts at 6 PM and two hours later has sold out 300 tamales.
We drank a warm corn-coconut milk drink.

The best for last we let make a new mattress. A hard one without springs. It sleeps way better.

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