13 January: AltoRosa

Before leaving Tepic we stopped at the Ley supermarket and foraged.
We drove down the Mex 200 towards Puerto Vallarta. Shaded with big trees the road winded through a magnificent mountainous terrain. Great to drive a motorcycle, however busy, even it was Sunday.

The first 50 kilometers at both sides of the road sugar cane as far as we could see. Harvest was in full swing. To our bad luck not next to our route. It was already afternoon so we didn’t want to leave the main road into some small and unpaved side road.

The last part went through plantations of mango, banana, or palm trees, until we reached the coast.
20 Kilometer before Puerto Vallarta we left the Mex 200, to drive 10 kilometers into the hills to Rancho AltoRosa. Our chosen spot to stay for the night.

After parking our Truckhuis in our site, which would be for free when we wouldn’t use any hook up, we discovered that our refrigerator was not working. After some testing we found out that the fridge still worked on 110 volt, but not on propane or 12 volt.
So far staying for free, we had to hook up for 100 pesos a night, which is 5.25 dollar. The cheapest full hook up we had up until now.`