12 January: Tepic

After stocking up our gas and propane we continued south towards Puerto Vallarta with a stopover for the night in Tepic.

We drove down the 15 between large mango orchards. The home of the brand Puro Mango. At this time of the year there are no mango and the orchards are deserted.

For the first time we saw some huge fields of Agave. The raw material for Tequila and Mezcal.

Looking for an ATM we drove into the town of El Rosaria. A beautiful little town with a very nice town plaza, but very small streets. Quit a challenge to drive our Truckhuis out again.

The ATM we found in the Ley supermarket, just at the beginning of the town at the 15. No need to drive in to town, but the town is worth a visit. Walking back to the Truckhuis we discovered a store, that sold eggs only, nothing else, at the other side of the street.

After crossing the state line between Sinaloa and Nayarit the road turned bad. Uneven and full with potholes.
We decided to drive on over the 15-D. The toll (quota) road parallel to the 15.

Tepic is the capital of Nayarit, founded in 1524. A town with narrow streets but few buildings going back to the founding years
We decided on a campground in the heart of the city. Strangely the price per night varies depending on the size of the RV.