10+11 January: Rock island

We took the water taxi from the Isla des Piedras to Mazatlan. From the jetty we took a taxi to the address of the chiropractor with whom we had an appointment to adjust my neck. The asking price was 100 pesos for the ride. We bargained it down to 70. Proud of our selves about this achievement we treated ourselves with breakfast. At the chiropractors we heard that the fair for a taxi ride in Mazatlan is 50 pesos, regardless where to or the number of passengers. Dumb tourists!

After the adjustment we took a taxi to El Mercado publico. This time paid 50 pesos without hassle.
The Mercado is a covered marketplace for mostly food, but also clothes and what ever it is possible to sell. We bought some meat and vegetables and went home.
By the way the potatoes here in Mexico are very tasty.

In the afternoon the kids enjoyed the beach in front of our campground and we one of the terraces on the beach.

Next day we visited down town Mazatlan again. The tourist highlights of Mazatlan are few. The cathedral, the market and the beaches. We limited our visit to the cathedral and the market.

At the beginning of our voyage through Mexico I expected to see lot of VW Beetles on the roads. VW produced them for years here, long after stopping the production in Europe. But up until now hardly any.
Here, in Mazatlan, I found out why. The change them into this and use them as taxi.