04+05 January: La Paz

Our neighbors, both from Canada, are very nice and provided us with a lot of info and a map regarding down town La Paz. Including the place to go for the best ice cream: Juiletta and Romeo.

We took the bus from the beach to La Paz. Easier because there is hardly any parking where our Truckhuis would fit in or near down town La Paz.

We visited the cathedral and in a street next to it found a bookstore. Finally we could buy a road map of Mexico.
From here we walked almost an hour through the center and shopping mile of La Paz to the office of the Baja Ferries. A lot small shops and vendors on the sidewalk. A busy and crowded together, but fun to see, experience and smell due to the different food stands.

We bought our passage for Tuesday on the ferry to Mazatlan on the main land of Mexico. A voyage of 12 hours during the night. Quit expensive, we must say.

Next day we stayed at the beach, wondering where our nearest neighbor had gone. We didn’t see them even not at night. Later that day he came by, his wife had gotten an acute appendicitis and was operated in the hospital at La Paz.