03 January: Tecolote

Before hitting the road we hit a supermarket. Remarkable about that; the bottle of Tequila we bought was cheaper than the 24 cans of coca cola.

We drove done the 1 towards La Paz. 250 Kilometers trough a hilly, mountainous dessert.
We drove straight through La Paz. A remarkable small town, with a nice sea promenade. Full of restaurants and cafes. Definitively a tourist destination, like Loreto.

Outside of town we passed the oil terminal and the ferry terminal to the mainland. After a few kilometers the road stopped at the beach of Tecolote.
The beach stretches left and right on a wide bay towards the Isle of Holy Ghost (Isla de Espiritu Santo).

We drove up to the right and were stopped by a small creek over the beach. We thought the sand to soft for our Truckhuis.
After a short reconnaissance on foot we discovered a second crossing inland, which we took and parked the Truckhuis on a very quiet part of the beach.