29+30 December: Loreto

We made the short drive over the 1 to Loreto.
Loreto believed the oldest human settlement on the Baha Peninsula and the first permanent Jesuit mission. The town has a great but very touristic center. A cozy pedestrian domain with a lot of small restaurants and trees cut in the shape of gateways.

On iOverlander we had chosen the Romanito campground, a bulls eye choice. A small campground in the middle of town, in the pedestrian domain, just around the corner of the town square. This campground is populated with citizens from all over the world, like was the last beach we stayed.

We met our neighbors from last night from Switzerland. After a delicious dinner at the local crafts beer brewery El Zopilote, we had some drinks at a nearby cafe. We tried Mezcal, which is a sort of (brother of) Tequila. The Algave is before distilling smoked, which gives Mezcal a light smoky taste. Walking home we had a slight problem keeping a straight line.