25 December: Warm Christmas

The girls woke up in the middle of the night, checking if there were some presents delivered by Santa Claus. We had to take them into our bed to keep them quiet.
Finally at daylight they could open their presents, which was still in the middle of the night to us.
We had a opulent Christmas breakfast with all the goodies from ALDI, mostly sweets and cookies.

The road got even a little bit smaller. The Truckhuis fills our lane completely, a few inches to spare at either side. We must say that everybody, cars, trucks, buses keep as far as possible tho their right of the road. So passing other traffic at this small road is not really a problem or side mirror killing issue. The traffic on the road got even less than the day before, maybe because it is Christmas or there is just nobody living around here.

We drove 350 kilometers (220 miles) through an amazing dessert. No houses, no gas station, no nothing. A more or less green/brown dessert with huge tree like cacti.

We had planned our overnight stop at the town of Guerrero Negro. A small town, with four gas stations, on the Pacific coast. Famous for whale watching in late January to March, but the rest of the year dusty and sleepy.
The hotel- rv park we had chosen to stay the night did not look very inviting so we decided to drive on, certainly also because it was only two o’clock in the afternoon.
The next possible stop would be a campground at the Boca San Lucas, 240 kilometers (150 miles) down the road.

Again 240 kilometers dessert, with a hamlet on two third of the distance. No gas station but two possibilities to get gas out of a drum, of course against a bit a higher price than the official price at the state owned gas stations of PEMEX.
We arrived after sunset at the Sea of Cortes. It was really dark even on the streets through Santa Rosalia. A little town with a refinery, a harbor and a ferry to the Mexican mainland, but no street lights and a bad road full of potholes.
On top of this our GPS and Google maps played tricks on us. Letting drive us over very small dirt roads with no possibility to turn around in the pitch dark. In short it took us more than an hour, making U-turns and some luck to find the campground.
We decided this was the last time we would drive after sunset and we would mount some extra front lights on the Truckhuis. Which we had planned to do in El Centro but didn’t because we would not drive in the dark anyway.

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We encountered three military checkpoints on our trip of today. The first two were no problem, but the third was an annoyance. Coming inside, opening cupboards and asking stupid questions like if we had drugs or weapons on board. And in the end no clue what to do.