24 December: Catavina

We were driving another ruta. This time the Ruta de agricultura. Left and right of the road vast fields or plastic covered greenhouses.

The more south we get the more arid and quiet it gets. After passing San Quitin the road gets smaller, less wide, and there are almost no houses to be seen.
We had planned to stay the night at a campground a few kilometers south of San Quitin. A nice place, but it looked deserted, closed. It was still early afternoon so we decide to drive a few kilometers further down the 1. From here one of the only two real roads in Baha California.

We passed two or three hamlets, but for the rest nothing. The traffic had died down and the places to stay according to iOverlander were few. Most of them just a dirt patch next to or behind a dilapidated house, which called itself Rancho.

We stopped in the little town of Catavina and stayed the night for free at the parking lot behind the Hotel Catavina. We could use the restrooms and pool. A very nice little hotel, very well maintained and clean. We treated ourselves on a couple of beers in the hotel bar and watched a movie on the TV. We were the only two guests, what a luxury for us on Christmas eve.

We had seen several cars without any tags on the road and had wondered why. The barkeeper lifted the veil over this mystery. Cars were expensive in Mexico, at least the Mexican cars. He meant the legal imported cars with a Mexican tag. The American cars were much cheaper, a few thousand dollars, but without tag. From time to time you would get a fine, but still it was cheaper.
We presume these cars are not legally imported, probably stolen in the US and the fine is more a payment to keep the local police pleased. But this is of course only a presumption of us.