08-14 December: Hot Spring

We did some groceries and tried to find a business, which could and wanted to change our brake pads. No luck with that, only a last tip, a name and address. But the place was closed on Saturday and Sunday.

We searched iOverlander for a place where we could stay. About 20 miles from El Centro there was a place called dessert camping, a campground for free of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
We drove towards this campground but after we left the Interstate we saw a collection of RV’s in the dessert. This was another campground of the BLM, but one you had to pay for, 40 dollars for two weeks.
Due to the fact that the road to the free campground was hardly passable after two days of rain, we decided to stay at the 40 dollar campground.

At the other side of the road is a thermal hot spring. Basic, with two little concrete pools and a shower. The shower mainly is the over pressure valve, because the water comes under pressure out of the ground. The water is 113 F (45 C). It is nice to soak and talk to other people. The Spring is visited by quiet some people, day and night, of which 80% is local.

In the following days we did quiet some maintenance and upgrading to the Truckhuis. We changed the brake pads at Lee’s Tire Shop. A place for all your maintenance on motorhomes, also big rigs, as we discovered, not only tires as the name indicates.

The girls got a late Sinterklaas or an early Santa Claus present from a neighbor. A pair of walkie talkies. After renewing the batteries they appeared in perfect working condition. Which kid doesn’t want to have something like this to play with?

We made two support poles for our awning. Just square tubes of different size and some screws.
Our experience with Dometic case awnings is surely not a good one. The installation is a hassle and it is not complete. We should have bought a Fiama or an Omnistor in Europe and than imported it. Our first idea, ok, next time better.

We installed a lockable freshwater intake and a lockable fuel tank cap.
We insulated the freshwater pipes running from the inlet to the tank through the unheated back storage bin.

Our second package had arrived at the post office, so we are waiting for the third one.
We installed a security lock at our door (first package). Which initially did not fit. We had to go to El Centro to a machine shop to let them make a piece of aluminum to fill up the gap between the coach and the lock. We visited almost all hardware stores to find fitting screws, which were longer than the ones which came with the lock. Finding these screws was a problem, because they were metric.

We installed an alarm system (second parcel). Which was surprisingly easy, as advertised by Simplisafe, really. After buying a charger to connect the system to our 12 volt system, it is working fine.

The rest of the days we are enjoying the Californian winter, which feels like spring, and the hot spring at the other side of the road.