26 November: Half Moon

We left “our” parking lot in the Presidio before 8 AM, because on Monday the first regular users start coming in on 7 AM. The less nuisance we RV’ers cause, the longer it will be possible to stay overnight at these parking lots.

We had breakfast at the Pacific coast. Afterwards we continued down the coast south. We had to do laundry and some grocery shopping and so we decided to stay the night again in Half Moon Bay State Beach.

Up until now California is the most expensive state we traveled, not only the gas, food but also the state parks are more expensive than in the rest of the states.
A night in a state park costs in the other states between 15 and 30 dollar. Here, in California, we are paying for tonight 60 dollar, on a site no better than somewhere else.

Today we were told that a little apartment, living/kitchen, two bedrooms costs here 3,000 dollar a month. Young people leave the little towns, because of the high costs of living, which starts to get a problem, the average age of the population in the little towns is quickly rising.

While walking through Frisco we had noticed the excellent state of maintenance of the houses. We have found out that when the paint of a house starts to peel off, the city will give a three weeks notice to start repainting after that there will be a fine.