19 November: Half Moon Bay

We drove on towards the coast. The “fog” got thicker and it started to smell of smoke. Again an uneventful day in which we drove through a part of silicon valley, past Google.

In the afternoon we ended our trip of that day at the Half Moon Bay State Beach (Park). We stumbled more or less over the campground, because we had to leave the highway to use our restroom.

While checking in we recognized a motor home we saw before. It had written “familia sobre ruedas” on it. This made us curious and we went for a chat.
It was a family with two kids out of Uruguay. They bought their RV five moths ago in the USA and after touring through the US they were on their way home.

We learned a new word today: overlanding, which means traveling while the voyage is the goal.
There is also a great app, iOverlander. To get free RV park and overnight places. And that on the day that we discovered that our old app Free RV Parking, we used for this, is not responding anymore.