24+25 October: Lees Ferry

We drove back through the Kaibab National Forest, passing the Vermillion Cliffs and turned a few hundred yards before the Navajo bridge to the left into the south part of the Glen Canyon N.R.A. our goal this time the Lees Ferry campground.
This campground is 100% arrive first, serve first, no reservation possible. We were early and got the best site, with a marvelous view over the Colorado River.
The Colorado River itself belongs here already to the Grand Canyon National Park. A bit confusing for an outsider to determine what is aloud and by whom, because the regulations in N.R.A. and N.P. are quit different.

The rest of the day we spend on cleaning the inside and some store compartments at the outside of the Truckhuis and with just enjoying the view.
Towards the evening we got neighbors. They came just for the weekend out of Flagstaff, some 100 miles south. They told us they came just to see the river, the water flowing by, because that was something they were hardly used to in dry Arizona. Nice chatty people, especially he, who gave us quit some information about Arizona and specially about the southern part of the Grand Canyon.

In the evening the kids had taken a shower, so the next day we had to dump and take in fresh water. Good tasting water this time.
We left the kids at the site and we, Natacha and I, went alone to the dump station and afterwards we hiked, on slippers, half a mile into the canyon to the original side of Lee’s ferry.
At “our” side of the river the road from the ferry side is gone. The river has “eaten” it, but it must have been just a flat dirt track out of the river canyon. At the other side,on the other hand, the road, still visible, comes down a steep cliff side into the canyon. What an incredible hard and backbreaking work it must have been for the 250 Mormon settlers, who build this road/track into the canyon to cross the Colorado.
For more than 60 years it was the only way to cross the Colorado River 500 miles around.
We enjoyed our little hike, away from the kids. Having a conversation without unwelcome interruptions or meddling. Not having to be alert constantly not to “loose” one of the kids, because she stays behind for no reason. Not being forced to correct their behavior in “angst” they could fall of worse doing so break a leg or neck.
Yes, we enjoyed our short escape from the rest of the family.