16 October: Petrified

It rained all night and when we left the Travel plaza it was still raining and cold. We decided to visit the Petrified Forest anyway.
Arriving at the visitors center at the north entrance, the Park has here his own exit of the I-40, we discovered that one of our wheel caps was gone.

We spend all day in the Petrified Forest National Park. In this case not a forest frightened to death, but a forest turned into stone.
The Park has a parkway from north to south, with numerous spots, parking, to stop. All worthwhile we must say, but make sure to do the Blue Mesa and Crystal Forest trail. Short trails, but this is where this Park is all about.

The “hills” in the painted desert (Blue Mesa) appear to be a sort of rock, but in reality it is just “sand”. In dry state almost as hard as rock, but today, after a night of rain, it feels soft and sticky, like dough.

There is no campground, but just outside the south entrance are two privately owned campgrounds.
We drove back to Holbrook and stayed a very foggy night at the AT gas station, just outside of town at the I-40.