09 October: Alamosa

We stayed a little longer in bed this morning, took longer over our breakfast and home school contained more exercises.
The Truckhuis got his oil change and subsequently we got some propane. Running the heating in the previous nights emptied our propane tank.
While disconnecting the filling hose, the security valve of our tank did not close. Some of the rain had entered and had frozen, due to the cold propane. A few well placed taps with a hammer did the trick, valve closed.
While the attendant was doing this he was muttering: “this is one of those days” and I thought: “but I hope not for us”.

We continued south over the I-25, catching up on some time. We left the I-25 in Walsenburg and drove west over the 160 into the clouds at the North La Veta Pass. At the other side of the Pass the weather had changed, the sun started to peek through the clouds, not gray clouds anymore but white ones.

We had a short stop at Fort Garland. A hamlet of two streets, but with a fairly new school and playground. The girls could play a little outside, after three days inside they got fidgety and started to quarrel.
By change we saw that the left front tire of our Truckhuis was wearing off uneven. A sure sign that the alignment was off. This is one of those days came into my mind.

Arriving in Alamosa we checked the Walmart. We were not the first to choose this to stay the night.
The service manager of the Walmart car center was very friendly, excused himself for Walmart is not equipped to work on motorhomes and gave us the name and draw a little map to a local firm, which does alignments on trucks.
We drove over right away, but were to late. They were closed, but the lady in the office opened the door for us. After explaining our problem, she could give us an appointment after October 29, which was not very convenient for us. We got the name and phone number of another firm, but 15 miles further west.
We tried to call but they were closed already and nobody answered.
I could not help myself thinking: “this is one of those days”.