05 October: South Dakota

We drove over the I-90 east and took a small detour to Devils Tower or Bear Lodge. A national monument consisting of a large rock formation sticking out in the surroundings.
We first saw this monument, as photo, on the back of a rental RV from CruiseAmerica. Being it on our route we decided to visit it.

Almost there, we saw some cowboys driving a little herd of cattle alongside the road. This image reminded us of the movie City Slickers.
We walked around the Tower over a well maintained path through a nice forest at the foot of the Tower, with some magnificent views of the Tower, but also of its surroundings.
Back at the Truckhuis we discovered that the valve of the gray water was leaking.

Again on the I-90 we crossed the state line into South Dakota. We continued south through the Black Hills. A great nature preserve with a lot of winter sports possibilities.
We arrived in the late afternoon at the Mount Rushmore Memorial. One of these far away magical places of my childhood. After I had seen North by Northwest, with some scenes at Mount Rushmore, I wanted to see this in real live.
What a disappointment! The four presidents in the rock are still there and not “modernized”, but what happened to the rest. First a four lane racetrack to the Memorial side, than a big concrete parking garage and at the other side of the street a huge and ugly concrete entrance with a concrete path leading up to a terrace in front of the Memorial. But for $ 10,- we could park our Truckhuis in front of this entrance. I would gladly have waived this pleasure.

Deeply disappointed we drove to Rapid City, where at two different Walmarts RV’s are not welcome. Therefore we stayed the night at a campground.