13 September: Kamloops

We followed the 5 further south. The valley, we were traveling, became wider and more populated as we  traveled.
After a few kilometers down the road there he was a black bear at a small parking lot at the side of the road.

You will not believe it but a few kilometers more and there was another one, just at the side of the road.


We stopped in Clearwater and drove into the Wells Gray Park to visit the Helmcken Falls. The highest falls in North America. The road towards them was more of interest than the falls, going up a small valley into the mountains, with some great views.

We continued our journey south and decided to stay the night at the Walmart in Kamloops. Arriving there we got a bad surprise, big sign with absolutely no RV or truck overnight parking.
We took the TCH, highway 1, again but this time east. There would be a campground along it somewhere.
Better, two exits later we found a service center with a gas station, propane, dump station and a Denny’s, which is eatable fast food, at least according to us. Parking for the night was no problem at all. Just in front of the restaurant and not between the big trucks at the parking lot at the other side.
The Denny’s had a separate bar section. So after dinner, the kids in bed and Natacha and I had e few beer, while watching the world championship curling on TV.