10 September: Miette

First thing in the morning was buying a new battery. In Jasper there is a Napa, so no big deal. Only time-consuming.

We drove to the Miette Hot Springs, 60 km (38 ml) to the northeast of Jasper. On the route there we had to stop for some crossing mountain sheep, which were totally not impressed by the cars stopping, people getting out and taking pictures.

After leaving the highway, the last 15 km (9 ml) the road winds through the spectacular Fiddle Valley. This makes a visit all ready worthwhile.
The Springs are great, soaking in soothing waters of 40 C (104 F) and then jumping into waters of “only” 20 C (68 F) or even 14 C (62 F) and then back into 40 C. A a stimulating and at the same time relaxing experience.
On the way back we saw some elk at the road side. On this day we had seen more wildlife than in the whole week before.
What a great day.