04 August: Owen Sound

Before leaving Guelph we visited the local Home Depot. We bought a spare propane bottle and an elektro outlet, to install at the outside of the Truckhuis. We found a double outlet with in the middle two USB outlets. The unit has an inbuilt transformer, quit practical we thought.

We drove on the 6 further north. We stopped at a RV sales and maintenance and bought several parts to install the outlet and repair an air vent.
We had our lunch and blog break at Mount Forest in front of the local park, with a playground for the girls.
Meanwhile we made a reservation for the ferry between Tobermory and South Baymouth on the Manitoulin Island, Wednesday at 7 AM.

Arriving at the Walmart in Owen Sound we discovered a sign with the announcement of max. 3 hours parking allowed. We didn’t bother to go insight and ask the manager. We had to stay for four days anyway so up to a campground. We tried the Bruce Peninsula National Park. No vacancies up until the end of August.
At the tourist information we discovered there was a holiday on Monday, so all the campgrounds were full due to the long weekend. We got a directory with all the camping in Ontario and we started to call.
An hour or so later we had scored a night (Tuesday to Wednesday) in Tobermory and from today up until Tuesday at the Roebuck Campground. The campground is run by a very nice couple of Dutch descent. Very helpful and hospitable.