03 August: Guelph

Camping World was disappointing. What we wanted/needed they didn’t have. Ordering would take up to ten days, but most choking was the price, up to 500 dollars more than advised in the internet.
Buffalo is not a visit worth, at least in our opinion. The steel industry collapsed in the 1980’s and the whole region never really recovered from it. So we left unfettered business.

To avoid toll we took the long way around over Tonawanda and the River road. A nice quiet road, only it takes way more time.
The border to Canada was busy. We had to wait in the traffic jam, but the passage was without any hassle at all.
To get some of the “lost” time back we decided to drive the QEW up to Hamilton and from there we took the 6 North. A long straight road through hilly farm land.

We stayed the night at the Walmart at Guelph. However there is a sign with no overnight parking, the manager stated it was not a problem. That sign was only there to free Walmart from adherence.