17 June: NYC

We parked our Truckhuis in front of the visitor center of the Park and took the bus to Rockaway beach. We had to walk two blocks down the road to the ferry terminal. The ferry took us in an hour time all the way to the Wall Street in Manhattan. A great ride on Sunday morning passing Coney Island, under the Verrazano Bridge, passing the Statue of Liberty, into the harbor of New York.
We walked up Wall Street and had our first hot dog at the roadside in New York City (NYC). A short stroll brought us to the World trade center, the 9/11 memorial and the new WTC tower. The momentarily highest building in NYC. We wanted to visit the viewing platform at the top, but 39 dollars p.p. was just too much we thought.
The 9/11 memorial is very nicely done according to us.

We walked on to Battery Park to take the ferry to Liberty and Ellis Island. I did this about 25 years ago and I remember Battery Park as a relaxed and entertaining place. What a rude awakening I had. Before getting on the ferry we were already herded into lines and suspiciously eyed. Then a security check of which every mayor airport would be jealous.
Herded again in lines, and don’t think of stepping out, we boarded the ferry to Liberty Island. The ferry had to make her way through tenth of pleasure boats and water scooters. Somebody landing from them on the islands and do a stupid thing is very easy and makes the whole security circus before entering the ferry utter useless.

There we had our second shock. We agree everything has to be maintained but making out of an icon a circus attraction complete with a mesh fence around it has nothing to do with maintenance. Only with making money, but that is our opinion and who are we.Ellis Island has changed in a real museum, with several exhibition rooms and a theater, since my last visit. The film in the theater gives a very good impression of the reason, voyage and arrival of the immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century.

Back in Manhattan we took the subway to Central Park. Not getting further then the children playground, a few yards from the entrance.