12+13 June: Dutch country

Dutch country is a part of Pennsylvania were traditionally the Amish and Mennonites are living. For us dumb tourists there is hardly a difference to see.
The name Dutch country is a historical error because the ancestors of the Amish or Mennonites are respectively from Switzerland or Germany. In the beginning this region was called Deutsch country, which means German country. In the translation by the English it was bastard until Dutch country. The Amish/Mennonites have no connection with Holland, except maybe their faithfulness and self-readiness.
We made a big loop trough the region the last two days. We drove a lot and visited the Amish house and farm  museum and made several stops in the different villages on our route.
In the museum the girls were able to touch some little goats and chicken, for the first time in their live.
It was remarkable to see that almost all Amish farms were selling fresh products at the roadside. We bought some delicious jams and real fresh vegetables, like fresh garlic.
Natacha had never seen fresh garlic and had no idea how that looked like. Normally you buy it already dried or peeled in a glass or can.

Natacha was amazed to see the Amish ride in their horse carriages and do the field work with horses and/or mules. She remarked several times: it is not only on TV, it is also in real live.
By driving through the countryside the smell of cows and pigs could not be denied and sometimes very penetrating. A new experience to the girls, that nature cam smell like this.