09+10 June: Washington

Early up, the Truckhuis parked at the P&R and taken the metro into the center of Washington.
Today one of the Smithsonian museums is on the program. First we visited the visitors center of the Smithsonian because we were told that for the Holocaust museum you needed tickets, however it is also for free, like all the museums, but to keep the number of visitors in hand.
The tickets you don’t get at the visitors center but at the Holocaust museum itself and only when it is very busy. Further we asked for the directions to the zoo, which is also a part of the Smithsonian.
Tomorrow morning we will visit the Zoo, which is a bit outside the direct center.

Natacha and the kids visited the Holocaust museum. I went for the WW II and the Vietnam memorial.

We met two hours later around the corner of the museum, where I had waited already for a while, just watching the passing hordes of tourists. Which I find entertaining, to see all kinds of different people and to hear all the different languages.

We had lunch at one of the food trucks at the side of the street, which is good food for a reasonable price. Afterwards we took the bus to Capitol Hill. We could have walked the distance but it was incredible warm. After taking some pictures, we decided to go home.
The kids wanted already an ice-cream after lunch at one of the ice cream trucks. We decided we otherwise. This was the beginning of all evil. On our way to the metro we got robbed in an ice cream parlor. We paid for 4 very little ice-creams (cup with one scoop) and a coffee 31 dollars. The lunch earlier for us five didn’t cost that much.
The next morning we went to the Zoo. The kids had a ball, however the main attraction, the gorillas walking on robes above your head from one side to the other, were not in the mode.
Later that day we visited the National Gallery of Art. Mainly to see the Dutch and Flemish masters. So Natacha and the kids have any idea how for example a Rembrandt looks.

Coming outside we became a bit entangled in the Gay Pride of Washington, which was quit a spectacle. We thought quit a commercial spectacle. But the food, which was sold, was very tasty. Ever eaten fries garbage? Yami!