08 June: Maryland

We had stayed the night just outside of Washington D.C. We got up early to drive over to the Greenbelt National Park. There we had a reservation for the next three nights. Apparently the Park is on walking distance to a Metro station, from where we could take a train into the center of Washington.

To get to the Park we had entered the address into the GPS and followed the route. This was a mistake. The lady of the GPS let us drive right through the center of Washington. This we realized when the traffic grew thicker and thicker, the traffic lights multi-plied into the hundreds and at a given moment we saw the Washington Memorial (the obelisk) about three to four blocks at the right side of us.
Driving an almost thirty foot RV through the hard of a big city is quit an experience, I can tell you.

Some were we crossed the state line into Maryland. If there was any sign we missed it, but we were to busy paying attention to the traffic.
In the park itself we were lucky again. We met a camp host, who was more something of travel agent. He had brochures and maps of Washington city, gave an overview where to find the different monuments/landmarks, explained us the Metro system and had a good parking spot for our Truckhuis next to the metro station. Great guy!

We left the Park on foot to the Metro station. That was more a 45 minutes walk instead of 15 to 20. We decided right away that tomorrow we would take the Truckhuis to the station.
After arriving at the center of Washington we walked down Constitution Avenue towards the Lincoln Monument and visited left and right the landmarks, we thought we should see.