02 June: Linville


We left our spot between the trucks early and headed on to the S.R. 80 to the Parkway. Half way up the 80 the road was closed, also due to the weather, fallen trees, landslides and washouts.
So back and another try further north. After midday we were on the Parkway again, only to discover that the road was opened that morning. So we could have just stayed at Asheville for the night and getting on the parkway next day without driving around over a detour for almost an entire day.
From this part of our journey we will not include maps, because the available maps of the Parkway are more detailed and to the point than we can ever make them.

The Parkway is a concatenation van marvelous views. The one more impressive than the other. In this post and the following ones you will see some great pictures of them, we hope.
We stopped at the Linville Falls and hiked up to the falls. Halfway my boots fell apart again and I had to go back, to change my shoes. The trail to the falls is very nice and the falls itself are marvelous to see.


We passed the Linn Cove Viaduct. A part of the Parkway, which was finished as last part in 1987. It started to get late so we didn’t stop for some pictures, but we drove on to the next campground a few miles up north. We traveled 34 miles on the Parkway today.