10 May: Jackson


We left Memphis to go east, northeast on one of Tennesseeans scenic routes towards Nashville.
The route took us through hilly terrain with a lot of green.

On route we discovered that a fan was born. Someone who when asked a few days ago if she knew Elvis Presley answered with “never heard of” and “we young people don’t listen to that ….. sort of music”. Now that person is busy with down loading every Elvis song she can lay her hands on.

On the route lays the Chickasaw State Park. A Park mainly focused on horse riding. While driving through we saw a few horses running towards their stables. It was feeding time. We stopped and talked to the owner.
Long story short we ended up having an appointment for the girls to ride horse on Saturday and a reservation of a site on the campground for Friday to Saturday.

We had dinner at the State Park and left for the closest Walmart, which was in Jackson. The GPS took is there through some beautiful narrow back roads.