26-28 April: Crystal

We were stuck in the Queen Wilhelmina S.P., because of the weather. Around 12 pm the sun started to come through the clouds and we left towards Quachita National Forest. Enjoying the last part of the Talimena Scenic Drive, with its marvellous views.
Quachita N.F. is a huge forest area with a lot of different campgrounds. At the visitors center in Mena we took different material among which a book, Arkansas Adventure Guide, with all the different parks, campgrounds, camping, trails and so on.

After studying this book we decided on a small campground named Crystal, with only 9 sites for tents or small RV’s. Of course it is the question if we are driving a “small” RV or not, because small is a stretchy concept.
Arriving at the dirt road leading to the campground we discovered very soon what was mend with small. Our Truckhuis took all the road. Thank God there was no oncoming traffic on the 4 miles to the campground.

The campground itself is really idyllic, located 4 miles into dense forest, in a small valley at the Amanzar creek. In the 1930’s the CCC dammed the creek a bit and by doing this made a small pond. Ideal for the kids to swim or splash (too cold for us, grown ups).
Up arrival we had this beautiful spot for us alone, but before dark only 2 of the 9 sites were left.

We enjoyed for almost three days our peaceful surroundings, the butterflies, the birds and at night the fireflies.
The place has one downside: no coverage what so ever.





2 thoughts on “26-28 April: Crystal

  1. We really enjoyed camping next to you and your Girls. Our children loved playing with them. We finally uploaded our YouTube video of us Swimming in the freezing cold pond. Here is the link to that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXSMQsEzm30
    If you are looking for a great place to camp, Try Dinosaur Valley! It is really nice this time of year because you can see lots of dinosaur tracks in the river bed. It is the perfect place to explore! Good luck on your journey!

    1. Hi family Christensen,

      We enjoyed this also, especially the kids.
      We watched your video with delight.
      We would love to visit the Dinosaur valley, but we traveling east. In the end towards Washington DC.

      Thanks for your message and maybe we see each other again, you’ll never know.
      Natacha, Ger & kids

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