12 April: Wichita mountains

After a quiet night at the Walmarts parking lot we woke up early. Our appointment with the local ford dealer was at 8.30 AM. We arrived exact on time, and then……. Big surprise Ford dealers don’t service motorhomes even when this is build on a Ford. We were referred to the local RV-dealer.
There amazement all over. Service the undercarriage? Referred by the Ford dealer? No, they would and could only do repairs and so on the coach. For service of the undercarriage they would always refer to the local Ford dealer, is a Ford truck after all.
We tried the Ford dealer in Lawton but with the same result. They would refer their clients to so and so trucks in Oklahoma City. We concluded that Ford refuses to service their own trucks.
At the end we made an appointment with Campingworld in Fort Worth Texas, for us a detour of 150 miles. Thank you Ford.

We continued east through some vast cotton fields with huge bales of cotton and the edge of the road towards the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. A wonderful piece of nature.
We stopped at several picnic areas and made a short hike/walk, just to stretch our legs. One of the main attractions, the Mt. Scott scenic drive was closed, due to a recent fire, which was still smoldering.

We ended our trip in Lawton. Here we visited the Comanche National Museum. A small but worthwhile museum. Here we heard for the first time about the Native American Church. A religion way older than Christianity.