09-11 March: Guadalupe

We continued our journey towards New Braunsfeld. There we stopped at the local Camping World. Here we got our extended stay, finally. Probably we won’t have to use it, because of the milder weather, but better save then sorry.

We left New Braunsfeld for the Guadalupe River State Park. It was time to dump our gray and black water again. On our way there we came in a total different part of Texas, so-called Hill Country. A part with rolling green hills, totally different from the dry part between Laredo and San Antonio.
At the State Park we had an unpleasant surprise, the park was completely full. It is Spring Break, all the parks are full for a week.
Of course we could use the dump facility and get fresh water and stay during the day.
We did this and stayed the night at the nearest Walmart.
Next day we took a guided tour to Honey Creek, which is a to the public closed part of the Park. Only once a week, on Saturday, there is a guided tour.
The tour took us on a 2,5 hours hike to a beautiful little creek. On the way we got a lot of explanations about the local flora and fauna, really interesting also for the kids.
The rest of the day we stayed at the river, playing in the water.

On our third and last day in the Park we took a long hike on one of the many trails. A pity the river doesn’t have enough water to canoe or float, otherwise we would have stayed a day longer to do this.