01 March: Laredo

This morning we went on a treasure hunt (Geocaching). In stead of a map we used our telephone and Google maps. Although we found only one of the caches, it was a lot of fun.

Leaving the Falcon State Park we filled our fresh water tank and dumped our gray and black water. After we done this we discovered that our water pump was not working anymore.
Where to get a new pump. In the internet we found A&G Mobile Home & RV Parts, open until 5 PM.
We had to change our plan from driving calmly and probably staying overnight at Laredos Walmart into driving as fast as it is allowed and possible and staying overnight in the Lake Casa Blanca State Park.

We reached A&G just in time before closing time. Anyway we were helped in a friendly and competent way. We left just after 5 PM with a brand new pump and a telephone number of a mechanic, who would come out to the S.P. to install the pump, if this was needed or desired.
At the Lake Casa Blanca S.P. we got a nice side at the lake, just at sundown and on the to do list changing pump as first thing in the morning.