25 February: Mexico

This morning we woke up with somebody being homesick. Genevieve was missing Aruba, our house, our furniture, her school and her friends. Especially her “boyfriend”. To be honest, we do not know what to do with this, because both for Natacha and for me this is an unknown feeling. We can only comfort her and take her mind of it.

As I told already yesterday we were going to visit Mexico. A few meters before the border there are two big parking lots. We parked our Truckhuis there and walked over the bridge over the Rio Grande. A toll bridge, you pay 50 cents per person from the US to Mexico and amazingly enough only 25 cents from Mexico to the US.
Rio Grande again one of these mystical names and places out of my childhood. I think in looking back maybe I looked too much westerns.

Walking over the bridge we had a nice view on “Trumps” wall. It was amazing that by crossing the Rio Grande we entered not only Mexico, but a complete other world. It is like night and day the difference between a Texan (US) town and this Mexican town. From the first world into the second just by crossing a quit small river.

The main street is one big market place. Mainly selling alcoholic beverages, leather goods, medicine and new teeth.                
I must be looking sick or in pain, because I never been asked so many times in my life if I needed a pharmacy or dentist.
We must say comparing the prices in the US and Mexico, in Mexico they are at least half and looking at the prices for foot and drinks even one forth.

Natacha could not decide on a lot of items ranging from a pair of boots to a little wooden folding table, which we need apparently. In consensus we decided on going back tomorrow.
Oh I almost forget, I met another old acquaintance out of my childhood,
a Coca Cola glass bottle.