24 February: South

We left Kingville late, because we planned on a short trip to the Walmart in Falfurrias. Highway driving through farmland and desolate villages. By the way half of the farmland with a lot of cows on it belonged to the King Ranch. Uneventful until we met somebody, who thought a RV or trailer is too small. I will take my home on the road. Quit an unusual side, as you can see.

In Falfurrias we had a surprise, the Walmart didn’t exist anymore. We decided to drive on south to a Love’s in Edinburg.

On our way there we were stopped by the local sheriff. Apparently I was not driving straight in my lane. I have to admit this was true, I was messing with the GPS. We got warning, but also the real reason for stopping us. Going towards the border he wanted to know who is in that RV, maybe some people with money. He meant a lot of money, not the few dollars in cash we possess. Last week they caught somebody with more than three million in cash in …. yes a RV.
The greatest soccer player ever Johan Cruijff said ones: “every disadvantage has its advantage”. So also in this case. The Officer told us when going to Mexico, go to Nuevo Progresso. A little town where it is save to go in contrast to the cities, like Nuevo Laredo. He went there himself to go to the doctor or dentist for one tenth of the price he would pay in the United States. Park the car in the US and walk over the bridge right into the main street.
Again on the road we decided to follow his advice and go visit Nuevo Progresso the next day, after staying the night between the big boys.