21 February: Kingsville

Kingsville is the home of the famous King Ranch. A ranch grown from a small cattle ranch to a multi million dollar agriculture concern. Furthermore there is the King Ranch Museum and the King Ranch Saddle Shop.

We visited the Museum and Saddle Shop in historic down town of Kingsville. The Museum is rather small, more or less one big room, with some artifacts of the King famille, but also a nice collection of photo’s made by Toni Frissell.The Saddle Shop includes a saddle workplace. The shops collection has some very nice mostly leather items for moderate prices.

The rest of historic downtown is a disappointment. Like in a lot of these american towns, we seen on our journey, down town is rather a dead part of the town, with a lot of empty and rundown stores.

We left Kingsville for Baffin Bay, which is about 20 miles to the south. Here we found the Kaufer-Hubert Memorial Park. A nice little recreation park. We fished a while from the pier, but caught nothing. The fish were laughing at us by jumping out of the water.
A pity that overnight camping is not allowed. Though we do suspect that the sign was put up by the adjoining RV-Park.

We ended our little trip at the Love’s Truckstop in Kingsville, between the big trucks again.