14 February: Harvey

We left the Goliad S.P. heading to the Gulf Coast. Again we drove through endless farmland, it seemed.
At the junction between the 136 and the 188 near Bayside we saw a little red trailer with a big sign Beef Jerky. Not knowing what it was we stopped. A very nice vendor explained what it is and let us have a sample of the different tastes. Beef jerky is very thin sliced beef, in the past air-dried, now oven dried. You chew as a snack. Very tasty.

We reached the Golf at Fulton. Between here and Rockport hurricane Harvey landed in august 2017, which is still very visible. A lot of building activities going on and still a lot of damaged houses to see.
The cleaning up still going on. I have always thought that the debris are just dumped on the next dump or landfill. Nothing is less true. Partially the lanes of the highway 35 are parted about 90 to 100 feet. Here all the debris are stored and now they started to sort everything. Separating in reusable and just wast.