07 February: Galveston

We left Kemah in direction Galveston. A short drive of about 30 miles.
It was misty and later on it rained a while.

On the road we try to stop every day at a public playground, so the two little ones can let of some steam. Normally that takes them a half to three-quarters of an hour. Today it took them 10 minutes.

The playground was at the border of the Gulf, with a view on Houston harbor, but the weather was more like in the Netherlands at the North Sea during this time of the year. It was windy, wet and cold, only with palms.In Galveston we drove all the way to the east side of the island and from there over the boulevard at the beach to the west side of the town in a drizzle.

A bit down the road we parked the Truckhuis at the camping ground of the Galveston Island State Park with lightning and thunder for the night.