06 February: NASA

We visited the Space center Houston today. In one word amazing, if you ever in Houston it’s a must, really.
It is for the whole family, even our little one’s had their fun, which we were a bit afraid of, them getting bored and wanting to leave after an hour or so.
A part is museum, but with a lot different ways of exhibit things. Everything is made to touch, even a small piece of rock of the moon. So we all touched the moon today.

Outside you can see and enter the Boeing 747 with on top a space shuttle.
The Tram Tour brings you among other things to Mission Control, the room we all have seen on TV or in a film. We were sitting in the same room, above Mission control behind the glass, on the same seats where the family of all the astronauts had seated.
Here I had again one of these moments realizing I was somewhere, where I never had dreamed to be seeing this for the first time almost 40 years ago on TV during one of the last moon landings. Emotional.

Also to the Rocket Park where the last Apollo rocket, number 18, is preserved. Here we got an idea how big these were. Number 18 was ready but never launched due to budget cuts as a result of the Vietnam War.
Very interesting was the astronaut training center. Where at the moment astronauts are training for the future missions to Mars.
Here NASA is also busy with the invention and production of robonauts.
Human like robots to perform tasks in space. It was amazing to see that these robonauts have hands with almost the same functions as our hands. They can flip a page in a book without tearing it. Giving a handshake with the same pressure you put on his hand.
What amazed us most was how small the work and living quarters were an the Apollo flights, Skylab but also in the Shuttle, compared with the features you see on TV.