30 January: Natchitoches

We left the Lake Bitineau S.P. heading for GibslandGibsland a very little town in the northwestern part of Louisiana would not worth a visit as a tourist if it was not for the shooting of Bonnie and Clyde in the 1930’s. On request of our oldest daughter we visited the Bonnie and Clyde Ambush museum. 
The museum is rather small and it’s collection consist of everything which has to do with the two bank robbers, especially the killing. The museum was founded by a son of one of the deputies present at the shooting.

We continued our journey south again, direction Natchitoches. A town at the Red River. The red River is again one of these magical places I thought never to see. The town Natchitoches possesses the Fort St Jean Baptist National Historic Side and that is why we are heading there.

Shortly before reaching Natchitoches we stop at the fairly new Red River recreation aria. Next to the recreation aria is situated a brand new RV camping. Worth a visit in the summer. 

In Natchitoches we stayed at the