27 January: Toledo

Last night we were just in bed when a loud, but really loud horn was blown. It sounded as if it was right next to us. It was the train running through Leesville at the other side of the highway.

A bit later it started to rain. When we woke up it was still raining. The positive side of this we all woke up late. It was still raining when we moved out, heading for the North Toledo Bend S.P.

While we were on the road the weather got a bit better. It stopped raining but it stayed grey.
On the road we saw the rather rare phenomenon that water is warmer as the air above and it looks as if the water is boiling and steaming.

The State Park is near a town called Zwolle. Nothing special you would say. if it were not that in the Netherlands there is also a town, city called Zwolle.


At the State Park itself we had a surprise we could take what ever side we wanted. The Park was practically empty. Tomorrow we have a whole state park almost for ourselves.